Our Story

Anatomy is a crucial component of the education and practice of doctors and allied health professionals. However, the emphasis, timing, and methods of teaching basic anatomical sciences have evolved over time. In 2012, we began our journey to re-imagine how we deliver anatomy content by introducing a 3D digital atlas to our anatomy course.

With increased instructional time for other basic sciences and clinical content, as well as advancements in radiology and minimally invasive surgery, the relationship between clinicians and human anatomy has changed. To address this, many institutions, including our own, have reevaluated the role of cadavers in teaching anatomy, implemented new learning resources, and modified the timing and context of anatomy instruction within the broader curriculum. This has resulted in numerous digital resources and evidence-based practices for modernizing anatomy teaching.

Our innovative technological approaches have garnered exceptional student satisfaction ratings without affecting academic performance, despite reduced face-to-face interactions with faculty and cadavers. Acknowledging the hurdles we overcame while refining these concepts, we are confident that the medical education community will greatly benefit from access to these resources.