Anatomy education in service of clinical practice

Learn Anatomy through a 3D, interactive and accessible web platform.

Living Anatomy 3D

Interactive 3D

Understanding anatomy in a clinical setting is made easier with our realistic and interactive 3D platform. The 3D models help students comprehend difficult spatial concepts by allowing them to explore and manipulate various aspects of the human body.

By engaging with these lifelike representations, students can visualize and gain insight into the relationships between different structures, layers, and neighboring elements of the body. Enhance your anatomy education with our interactive 3D approach.


Our aim is to offer resources that effectively connect anatomy lab learning with real-world clinical practice. By integrating clinical scenarios and radiological imaging, Living Anatomy 3D assists in clarifying even the most challenging aspects of essential anatomy knowledge. Enhance your understanding and apply your skills seamlessly in a clinical context with our comprehensive tools.


Recognizing the importance of time and efficiency for students, Living Anatomy 3D lessons, powered by the BioDigital Human, are easily accessible through the web on any device. There is no need to download or update apps, ensuring a seamless learning experience whenever and wherever you need it.